Friday, July 29, 2011

time for tea

Today was my first day off work today in a while and I got to spend the afternoon having tea (and coffee and cake and biscuits) with some dear friends. 
I got to use this fabulous tea set. Its quite new still and I havent had many chances to use it.

 It was made just for me by a very talented local potter Jacqueline Westall and I LOVE it!

It has lovely little details like this wee heart

and the red on the saucer

And check out this wee bundle

How lucky am I?  A gift from a good friend, thank you Melissa


clare said...

OOOOO that looks like a good stash of goodies there from Melissa! You lucky thing! x

Rhiannon said...

You lucky lady! A teaset made just for you, annnnnd a big pile of fabric lovliness for Miss Tiny Happy herself? Pretty lucky indeed!