Sunday, July 31, 2011

weeks end

 I got to finish work a little early today. Such a treat, getting home while the sun still shines.

 This is what greeted me


chaos on a trampoline
Their new favourite game is "tramp rugby" which basically involves the small one trying (unsuccessfully) to tackle his big brother
Hours of fun

Alfie is a dinosaur.
He is obsessed.
The only time he is not wearing this top is when its in the wash. Its just a plain T-shirt that I added a hood and spines to. He also has a tail but as he pointed out in a very exasperated tone today "you can't wear tails when you are jumping mum"
How does a four year old make me feel like an idiot?
He sounds like a teenager already

I also had the time to cut out 3 lots of fabric for some urban hoodies by Heidi and Finn
I have been wanting to make some for the boys for forever

And I finished the Milo.
I am a little disappointed though. Not with the pattern or anything like that, it was super easy to knit up, even though it felt really wrong to be starting at the top and working downwards.

I am disappointed because I intended for this to be for Lukas but it turned out way to big. I only knit the size 3 thinking that would be perfect for an almost three year old. Turns out either the pattern runs on the larger side, or more likely I stuffed it up and consequently its huge, big enough to easily fit my size 6 four year old.
 Now to start a new one for the smaller child,

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clare said...

Ooh, can't wait to see the hoodies! And you milo looks good! At least it fits one of them :) x