Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm still here

I am still here, just very busy. Somehow I am back to working ridiculous amounts again, just when i thought it was over. It really is never ending.
A week or so ago I got some exciting mail, it was my very own copy of the crepe pattern by Colette.
I am so excited about it, I told myself I had to wait until I had finished a huge list of half completed, some not yet started but should have been finsihed long ago projects.  I lasted a week and a half, thats not too bad. The list still isnt done but it can wait. Right?
So tonight I started cutting out.
Tomorrow (after the 9 hours Ill spend at work) I'll start to sew it up.
I'll show you the progress (once I remember to charge the camera batteries that is. I'll add that to the list

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