Monday, June 28, 2010

weekend: part one

This past weekend we went to the beach. I was reminded again just why I love living here. Even in the middle of winter the beach is a great place to go. In fact I prefer the beach in winter. In summer it is hot and loud and busy whereas in winter it is peaceful and almost deserted. I grew up very close to this beach and my brother and I spent hours here all year round, with our parents when we were very young and then on our own when we were a little older. Visiting it always brings about a sense of calm for me, its so familiar. A little like going home.

A friend recently asked what she can do to to encourage her boy to be more active as she was worried about lack of interest in anything physical and said he would rather sit and play lego or create things. In our house we seem to be having the opposite problem. What I would give for the boys to spend longer than 5 minutes sitting at any one time. It seems that as soon as I have set something up for them to do such as play dough or painting they are already over it and I just have to pack it all up again. They would both much rather be running or jumping, throwing or kicking. I am desperately trying to encourage some creativity in them as I love to sit and create something and would really like to be able to share this with them. While walking down the beach I suggested to A that he could collect things to take home and make a collage. He promtly picked up a shell he liked the look of, ran down to the water and threw it into the ocean. Perhaps I am fighting a losing battle?

Located right alonside the beach is the Lions Playground. Called this as it's creation was funded by the local Lions Club. This playground has been here since I was a small child. I have so many memories of coming here from a really young age and many of the structures are still there. I really love that my children can enjoy the same things I so enjoyed as a child.

Things such as:

This horse and...

This train and.....

This whale and....

This rocket slide

Perhaps one day they will bring their children here

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