Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The end of denial

I have come to the conclusion that the extra "cushioning" I am carrying around can definately no longer be classed as baby weight. My baby is nearly 3!
Its time to do something about it, for real this time.
So the rules:

1. NO baking (sob) unless its something for the kids that I dont like so therefore will definately not eat

2. NO after dinner snacking, not even a hot chocolate

3. NO chocolate, biscuits, fish and chips, chips, junk food (any of the "good" stuff). I am an all or nothing kinda gal, its the whole block of choc or its none at all

4.  MUST eat breakfast, a proper breakfast

5. MUST exercise 5 times a week - I started tonight, an uphill walk with the lovely Mish. We are going to do it lots

Wish me luck


clare said...

luck!!! x

Not Like Your Nana said...

feel bad, for not bike riding... had a good market day though! keen to walk next week if you are!

Rhiannon said...

Good luck! You can do ittttt! xx