Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A week in (mostly) pictures

We spent last week here.
Its such a beautiful place, Callums family have a bach there, it has been in the family for years passed on from generation to generation.

Alfie sent a lot of time doing this on the first day and a half

In all sorts of places

There was playing

driving to the mountain to try and find some snow

there was a small amount left in a shady spot

there was a child who wanted to pose for photos constantly

and one who was too tired to even stand

there was looking out for eels (I think they hibernate in winter?)

At night there was marshmellow toasting

and game playing

lots of game playing

during the day there were walks

through bush

to the lake in the rain

in the forest

past heart shaped pools of water

there was confusion iver which direction we were to go

there was hiding

and there were tuis

We dont go there nearly enough.
I don't know why that is.
Everytime we go I promise myself we will go more and then we dont go for another year.
This time we will be back soon.
We will!


Rhiannon said...

What a glorious looking place!(albeit a bit cold..) I think you should definitely try to get there more often, what a treat for the kids!

clare said...

Looks so gorgeous, I want a holiday!!! xxx

JoJo said...

We visited St Aurnard nearly five years ago. We drove from Napier to Wellington, took the ferry to Picton, the. Drove to St Aurnard all in one day - with our six day old daughter, and her two year old sister, and eight year old sister. We stayed in a batch and took walks and went to the lake. Beautiful place. Nice and quiet. Although it was early January and we needed to light the fire!!!!
Found your blog through Green Valley Crafts. Off to read more.