Friday, October 1, 2010

Christchurch bound

Tomorrow the boys and I head off to Christchurch to stay with my brother for a week before my sisters wedding the following weekend.  Callum will join us later in the week.  Of course today should have been spent packing and getting ready to go.  Instead I spent it finishing off some plain black pants for the boys to wear.  They are going to be page boys.  I also made a dress for myself. I still have to hem it and I also think I have to alter it a bit. 

Despite following this pattern and measuring myself carefull and working out which size I am it still turned out too big. Although from experience this is the better option, at least I can take it in..


It's really hard to tell from these pictures but it is pleated across the front

and has a single pleat in the centre back.

I am thinking that I will add the same binding to the neckline and possibly the hem as well and a tie around the waist.  It is slightly sacky due to the pleats at the top.

I am a bit concerned that its too pretty, too girly.  I don't usually do "pretty, girly" things and although I do love the fabric I am left wondering if it's right for me.  Time will tell.

I won't be around much over the coming week. I do hope to pop back for wardrobe wednesday though.

Enjoy your weekend

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