Wednesday, October 13, 2010

wardrobe wednesday

This weeks wardrobe wednesday is a bit of a family affair, the outfits we wore to my sisters wedding in Christchurch last weekend

Dress - Max wrap around chiffon dress, current season
Slip - Farmers
Shoes - #1 shoes
Necklace - cheap and tacky from Diva (I think)
Cardi - Shantons

It was absolutely freezing too.  We all had thick winter coast that were worn between photos

My hair was done at a salon down there, I have absolutley no idea what it is called, oops.  We all got ours done with the bride.

Check out the handsome duo! 

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Rhiannon said...

So, so pretty! That style of dress really suits you, and the colour too.
Can't believe how big your wee men are, though I suspect they look more grown up then ever all dressed up to the nines!
Really glad you see you had a nice time, loved your other post about it too x

Kristin said...

Yes, very pretty! and your hair looks gorgeous too.

Little Kiwi Chick said...

Wow, you look fantastic! Very swish - your hair looks very nice! And your little boys are so handsome :o) Sounds like it was a lovely day for her wedding and an enjoyable week away.