Monday, October 11, 2010

We survived the week away

Well we did it.  Survived a week away.  We (and I guess I mean me here) even survived the plane trip there.  I was so nervous about going on the plane with two wee boys, busy wee boys.  Turns out all that worry was totally needless. Phew.  It really is noce to be home though.
This post will mostly be photos of our week.
There were playgrounds

many playgrounds

hours were spent


and see sawing 

and swinging some more

and peeking

We spent a day out at an old family friends farm, she has two small children who the boys loved playing with. It was nice to be able to let them roam free for a day after the stress of staying in a childfree house for the previous few days.  We stayed at my brothers for the week and he and his partner don't have children.  Their house therefore not what you would call childproof so much time was spent dragging L in particular out of cupboards, picking up the pots he had thrown on the floor, picking up the crumbs he somehow spreads from one end of the house to the other and so on.  So a day of free ranging was just what we all needed.

they fed lambs

and even got to ride a pony.  I was honestly stunned when Alfie wanted to get on, we are talking about a child who is scared of cats.  Anything laeger than that usually sends him into a spin, but on he leapt and he loved it!

And the reason we went to Christchurch......

My sisters wedding. 

The boys were page boys and were so adorable

and my nieces were flower girls.  The four of them were so unbelievably cute

These two girls are the boys favourite people ever.  I sometimes think they would trade callum and me if it meant they got to live with their cousins

Guess what my wardrobe wednesday will be this week?

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