Saturday, December 4, 2010

A day off

The very best thing about working five days a week is just how much I appreciate spending tme with my family.  I have just come to the end of my weekend and we had such a great time.

This is how we spent the first day of my weekend

we went and had coffee with dad

and went for a bike ride to the library

where we spent an hour and a half reading and choosing books.

before riding back again

I am so impressed with Alfies bike riding.  He loves it and just wants to keep going and going. he can bike for miles. Literally.  We even did a trial ride from our house to where he goes to montessori to see if it could become a regular morning ride. He made it easily and its nearly 5km!

We also put our christmas tree up over the weekend.  Something the boys loved doing. It has made me realise that i need to make some decorations. The tree is looking very sparse.

This is the first christmas that Alfie has really understood what is happening and he is so excited.


which has meant that for the first time in many many years I find myself getting excited about christmas. Perhaps the christmas joy is contagious after all


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Rhiannon said...

Oh I do so wish Aesop liked bike riding. It's like pulling teeth to get him near his bike, and because of that he;s also not so great at riding it : (
Hmm I'm also thinking that we might need to out up a xmas tree afterall. Was hoping I could get away with not doing it, since we're having xmas day at mum and dads and otto will just un-decorate everyday, but it really does change the whole mood around the house. Aesop would be so pleased.