Friday, December 17, 2010

selfish sewing

Despite having a whole stack of christmas presents to make I decided to take some time out and do some sewing all for me. My summer wardrobe was dire, I was down to only one skirt and even that had a few rips and holes. So I made myself three new ones.

Its ok to do selfish sewing every now and then right?
Even if you have a thousand other things to make?

And a sneak peak at a gift for a niece

I can't show too much just incase there are prying eyes around.


Notchka said...

Yus! So good to have some new threads - I know, I have a bit of selfish sewing lined up for me too. BTW your stockings are gorgie :) Merry Christmas

clare said...

lovely! I desperately need some new summer threads too... I can feel some 'selfish' sewing coming up! xo