Friday, December 3, 2010

To work or not to work?

One of the reasons I have been such an absent blogger of late is that I recently got a job.  I am working in a retail store in town.  For the first three weeks I am working pretty much full time hours for training. After those three weeks it drops down to only two days a week.  For a long time I have been struggling with the whole idea of working while my children are still so young but sadly we have come to a point where it's really just not an option for me to not work.  To be honest this full time work thing really sucks. I miss my kids, I miss hanging out with them, going to the park, going for a walk, sitting down for lunch together and they are struggling with it too.  It breaks my heart to drop them off at their respective day care centres and have them cling to my leg crying, begging me to stay, or to come with me.

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It really makes me wonder, is it even worth it?
 Now I am sure it will be different when it is only two days week that I am gone.  I am hoping it will make me a better mother, appreciate the time we have together a bit more.  Its going to be a constant internal battle for me I think.
To work or not to work?

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Lisa said...

If you HAVE to work just try to stick it out, cos 2days a week is not so bad..

I think I may have to get serious aboutr getting a part time job next year.

My youngest turns 2 next week :'(

Love Nelson!! My Dads from there we are heading back in feb for a few days..