Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the costumes

I loved how the boys looked dressed in their 1930' costumes. They looked so cute. I almost wish they dressed like this everyday, although then I guess it just becomes the norm. For their costumes I knew I wanted shorts, long socks and a waistcoat as that seems to be what the young boys in all of the old family photos from this time wore.

I couldnt find the fabric that I wanted at spotlight and was trying to think of an alternative when I saw just what I wanted at the local hospice shop. It came in the form of two matching wool blazers. Unfortunately I didn't think to take photos before I cut them up. For the shorts I used my basic pants pattern and for the waistcoat I took a pattern off a small waistcoat i found at the same hospice shop and then adjusted it for the two different sizes.
The older child loved posing for photos wearing this, he insisted I get one from every angle.

Unfortunately you can't really see from this photo but I managed to use one of the existing pockets from the blazer as a back pocket.
they don't seem to make white knee high socks for boys any longer so they got girls ones. They also don't seem to make really small knee high white socks for girls either. We had to fold the top over 4 times on the small child.
but doesnt he just look so cute?
Finding the perfect dress for the party was an impossible task. I searched all of the costume hire places for a dress for myself but it turns out that I just don't seem to fit any of them, they were all either miles to big or miles too small so I decided I would make my own. I tried to find an original 1930's dress pattern but the ones I found online were all very very expensive so I just took bits from various pictures I saw, like this and this and this and designed my own.
I really like sewing for myself without a pattern. I find that if I am not restricted by trying to follow a pattern I make something that fits me well and that I will actually wear. Everytime I follow a pattern I seem to end up with whatever it is I'm making being the wrong size, length or shape. If I make it according to what I picture in my head then it tends to turn out the way I want it to. That's not to say that I don't make mistakes or need to make alterations. I am constantly altering and thats what makes it work, I can alter it to fit me exactly. I lack the confidence to alter a garment made from a pattern in that way. Basically I knew for this dress that I wanted a simple shape with a medium 'v' neckline.

I decided later on to add the ruffle around the neckline and make it into a sort of faux wrap. I refused to put a zip in, I hate zips, I really really hate zips and if i dont have to use one I won't. It did make it a rather tight squeeze and I had to kind of wriggle my way into it. Totally worth it though.

The sleeves are cap sleeves and I gave them shaping over the top by adding some pleats. I think the sleeves are my favourite part of the dress. I love the pleats and the way they make the sleeves lie.

And the outfit was finished of with my great grandmothers pearls, some red lippy and an incrediably frustrating and time consuming hairstyle.

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Dee said...

wow, the detailing on that dress is stunning! you guys all look gorgeous :)
(saw you on KMB - welcome!)