Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday!

Right, here we go. Wardrobe Wednesday. Stemming from this post by Clare over at Green Valley Crafts and a suggestion from Rhiannon of Toast and Life fame the idea of Wardrobe Wednesday was born. This is the very first one and I for one am terrified of revealing my total lack of style to the rest of the world. However if this inspires me/shames me into making a bit more effort then that would be great!
So here it is. Week one. This is an outfit I wear all the time. It is very much an everyday, nothing special outfit, I wear it walking my boys to preschool, around the house, out for coffee, you get the idea.

It consists of a skirt with a front pleat that I made myself out of fabric from spotlight from the kiwiana range, a merino top from glassons, black tights and my everyday brown boots. Apologies for the terrible photo, it was taken in the evening after the kids were in bed, hence my slightly bedraggled appearance.
I think I will have to do some sewing before next wednesday!


clare :: greenvalleycrafts said...

Yay, thanks for taking part! I love your skirt :)

Rhiannon said...

I love this, Karina! Simple but with the skirt adding a little bit of creative 'quirk'. To me this is a great 'everyday' sort of an outfit. If you wanted to funk it up a bit you could add a big scarf/cowl, or a chunky bangle or something?
Did you make up the skirt pattern?

Karina said...

awww thanks you guys. Rhiannon, I did make up the skirt pattern, and you are right, accessories would definately make things better!

Ella said...

Your skirt is rocking my world, totally gorgeous!