Monday, August 16, 2010

morning walk

I often make the 45 minute walk across town to get the big one to his preschool but as of today I have decided its going to be a "real" walk. One that involves actual exercise, instead of a quiet morning stroll. I might eventually lose the rest of the baby weight (can it even be called baby weight when your youngest is nearly 2?) if i do this often enough. I hope so anyway. So this morning I donned my sneakers (YUCK!) and my trackies (yuck! I actually caught my reflection in a window and have sworn to never wear those ass enhancing trackies ever again)

See, ugly ugly sneakers, and ugly ugly track pants. Do you think that the blurry photo means that my legs were moving super fast? I think thats what I will choose to believe
I also got out the ipod and set the pedometer. Now the problem with me and ipods is that I always forget that other people can't hear the music. I always always forget, and I always sing along. I just can't seem to halp myself and the biggest problem here is that I am a TERRIBLE singer, and I mean seriously awful, there really aren't enough words to describe just how bad I am, therefore I attract a lot of stares/glares/strange looks on my way. It can be rather embarrassing to say the least. Must remember to NEVER EVER sing out loud in public!

Despite the fact that it is a beautiful sunny day and I can almost convince myself that summer is nearly here it was pretty cold this morning so the boys were wrapped up nice and warm

Something I love about our neighbourhood is that it is very communtiy based. For example along this street they planted nut tress and around the bottom they have planted strawberries for the locals to pick and eat.

Our morning walk really is a nice one, I think I will try and walk at least three times a week, at least one way. Surely that will help with the weight loss. Surely!


Rhiannon said...

Gah. I miss Nelson.
Oh, and I have all the same issues with walking. The trackies! The sneakers! And I have stopped using my mp3 because the singing/humming got too embarassing. haha.

Karina said...

ha ha, I managed to keep it down to a quiet hum in the supermarket, didnt stop the sideways glances from people though. Perhaps my quiet hum wasnt as quiet as I thought!