Monday, August 2, 2010


I have done it again, another week has gone by with no posts. Oops. I just dont know where time goes.
I am feeling a little bad, ok a lot bad. Today is Callums birthday and I havent finished his present yet. I am making him a pair of pants. Here is a peak, I can't give too much away incase he peeks. He does know what he is getting but I am trying to keep him from seeing too much before they are finished.
However grown up pants are a little trickier than kids pants. Kids pants I can do without too many issues, so I thought, well why not adults pants then. I forgot about a little thing called a fly. I am not a huge fan of zips at the best of times but this is even more complicated than your average zip that goes in a skirt or a dress. I have unpicked many times and put it all away totally frustrated. Perhaps today if my smallest monkey has a nap (fingers crossed) I can get this fly done.

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