Friday, August 27, 2010

tears and tantrums

I bet the title of this post made you think I would be talking about my children. But no, not today. Today its me that wants to throw a massive tantrum, shed a few tears, scream and yell and kick and thrash around on the floor for a while. You see I tried to follow a pattern for a dress for myself. I think I am giving up on patterns for good this time. I just can't get them to work!
I was trying to make this dress from this pattern

out of this fabric (it's actually a little darker than this photo but the camera just wouldn't get it right).

It failed. I had to make so many alterations to the bodice part that the skirt part didnt match up. I then had to alter the skirt part to try and get it to fit onto the top part which I finally managed to get it to do only to discover that the whole thing doesnt fit. Not at all. It looks ridiculous. I am too embarrassed to show you. This honestly happens everytime I try and make something from a pattern. Perhaps it really is time to give it up!

I hope you are all having a more successful day than I am.

Have a good weekend


clare said...

Oh you poor thing! I find vintage patterns can be quite tricky and assume a lot of prior skill (which I don't have!) I stick to the new patterns that say 'two hour easy sew', and then it still takes me a good while to work it out!

SewSofie said...

Eek! Im sorry you had such a hard time with it. But props to you for trying a pattern for yourself (and a vintage one at that). I stick to the kids clothes. They dont (usually) need the fiddly adjustments that grown up clothes do.