Monday, September 27, 2010


My eldest turned four over the weekend.  It seems crazy to me that I have a four year old. The past four years has gone by faster than I would ever have though possible.  Four years ago we were still in the hospital, in so many ways it seems like forever ago but at the same time it really feels so recent.

We didnt have a real party as such for him this year. We were going to head down to the beach and have a picnic with family and friends but typical spring weather meant that we couldnt go, so instead we had the family around to our place for a picnic instead.

He got spoilt rotten for his birthday, one of the advantages/disadvantages? of having a large family.  We knew this would happen so we kept our present pretty simple and mostly handmade.

lego, a four year olds dream.
Along with some new shorts and pj's made by me, we got him some lego.  He has recently really gotten into lego so I made him a lego playmat with drawstrings so it turns into a bag for when he has finished playing he can just pull the strings and its all tucked safely away.

I thought I might do a wee tutorial later on to show you how I made it. 

We couldn't have a party for a dinosaur obsessed boy without dinosaur cakes!  I made these when we still thought we would be at the beach, and the beach and a big cake don't mix so well so I made cupcakes (from this recipe) thinking they would be easier for the kiddies.  

ust iced them with basic icing and added a dinosaur lolly. Super easy!

What an amazing four years!  Full of many ups and many downs but you know with children life will never ever be dull, and as much as its a cliche it really honestly is the most rewarding thing ever.
Happy birthday Alfie!


Ella said...

Karina, the presents and cakes are simply amazing. A very happy birthday to your gorgeous boy!!

SewSofie said...

Happy birthday to your gorgeous 4 year old. Loving the hand made bag for the lego. Great idea. My Miss G is turning 4 on thursday. I completely get where you are coming from with time flying!