Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kids Clothes Week Day 2

I am aways going to be a day behind during this week.  I, like so many mums, do most of my sewing in the evenings when my wee models are in bed.  Last nights creation was some shorts for L.  They turned out a little longer than I had in mind.  I always underestimate the length of those wee legs.

I wasnt sure about the single pocket in the back to start with but now I really like it.

I will soon be listing some shorts in the shop, hopefully next week once this kids clothes week challange is all over. 

I cut out todays project last night and am hoping to finish it today so I can show you all.  Its something I have been working on for the shop, although this version will be made for L. 


Kelly said...

I like the single pocket - I'm lucky that I only have the one boy and he's so used to me sewing around him. Occasionally I let him 'sew' with me - he likes to help me pin things and I have a needle, thread and beads for him to 'sew' with.

Rhiannon said...

I really like the pocket, and the length. Very cute!