Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kids Clothes Week day 3

Day 3 of the kids clothes week challange saw a couple of firsts for me and a few "learn from my mistakes moments"   With summer coming I have been trying to think of what to make for summer.  I have mostly always just made shorts for the boys but this year I decided I really wanted to make some short overalls.  Alfie had long ones which were passed onto Lukas for winter but none for summer so here is my first attempt at short overalls, shortalls?

See the wee rectangle of colour poking through the straps in the pic below? Thats right, they are fully reversable!

and made with snaps. I had never used snaps before this.  I have had some sitting in my sewing box for years, always being a little scared to give them a go.  But you know what, they are easy.

I remember previous overalls without snaps were a total pain when it came to changing nappies. 

I love that the cuffs can be folded up

and I am really liking the single pocket at the moment. 
You can see here though that I made some mistakes with the snaps, well rather I made mistakes in my excitment and rush to fiish in the hemming of the legs which made them uneven and then the snaps didnt line up properly.  Lesson learnt though.  I wont do the same thing again.  Well I will at least be aware of it and hopefully wont do it again. 
I also think I need to adjust the back a little, either add some elastic somehow or change the shape a little and add a button or a snap at the side. 

I am hoping to have the wee problems all ironed out soon and get some listed in the shop


Kelly said...

cuuuuuuute! I always have trouble with snaps and go through a few just trying to get them right. Love the shortalls

Rhiannon said...

I always thought someone should make and sell overalls with domes in the crotch. You are the perfect woman for the job, these are fabulous!