Friday, September 17, 2010

a move

Firstly exciting news, well for me anyway. I sold my first ever thing, one of my reversable bucket hats, a pirate one to be precise. And through FeltAid too which makes it even better!

Apologies for the lack of posting lately. The combination of sick children and and shrunken sewing space due to the arrival of a new bed (YAY!) has led to very little crafting being done round these parts. So I am on the move, well my sewing space is.
We decided a while ago to put the boys into the same bedroom and to turn L's bedroom into a sort of playroom/ toy storage room. However they refuse to play in there. So I have come to the conclusion that the space would be much better used as a room all for me!
I need to turn this
giant pile of toys
and general mess into something like this
ok so it won't look as amazing as this studio belonging to Meg over at Sew Liberated but it will hopefully at least be a usuable and hopefully very productive space
I can then turn this
and this

back into a bedroom
and this

back into a dining table.
I can't wait to have my house back.
Enjoy your weekend everybody


Kelly said...

Congratulations! The first sale is always a huge relief - there are so many items to choose from on Felt, I love it!

I've tried the toy room thing before and like you said they don't play in it - Elijah would rather bring everything into the lounge

My sewing/craft/junk room is still very much a work in progress - at the moment it's too cold for me in there so I have my machine on the dining table

Good luck with the transformation and don't forget to post pics now that we've seen the befores!

Kathleen said...

He sewing machine's on the dining room table too! Good luck for your mission, and congrats on your first sale :)