Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

Well here we go again. How many weeks has it been? Is anyone else out there starting to run out of outfits? I may have to turn my wardrobe wednesday into a "look at what I made for myself to wear this week" day.

Dress - made by me with supercheap sales table fabric from spotlight.
Slip - becasue the fabric was so cheap it is very very sheer so Iam wearing a slip from max underneath
Top - Glassons merino (again)
Tights - can't remember, farmers maybe
Boots - trusty boots from colorado

And do you know what? I love tights, and I love boots. I love winter because I get to wear them every single day if I choose (they dont go so well on trackie days). I dread summer and the bared legs and the small clothes. And it really deels like it is on its way here in Nelson.

If you want to join in, hop over here and leave a link to yours

On a totally different note, is anyone out there interested in doing anything like this Kids clothes challange like Elsie Marley is doing? I know I for one am so slack at making clothes for my own kids and would love to have some motivation to make something for one of them every week for a fixed amount of time (a month perhaps?).


clare said...

You look great! Love the whole outfit. That kids clothing challenge sounds really cool. Unfortunately all my time is going on making stuff for a market I'm having - but I might be keen another time. Hope to see you Sunday :)

Kathleen said...

Love that dress!! You look gorgeous :)

Ella said...

SUCH a great outfit. I love love love your dress and I *need* boots. I've been too scared to ever get some but I reckon it's about time I did... Although perhaps for next winter seeing as Spring is definitely here. I'm like you though, I'm happiest in winter clothes (winter in general in fact), summer is not my happy time.

Rhiannon said...

Will dresses like that be a feature in your Felt shop? They should be! This is a perfect end-of-Winter sort of outfit and the dress would be just as cute in brighter colours for Summer! : )

Kristin said...

I agree with Rhiannon ~ you should think about making some of those dresses for your felt shop. It's very cool. You look great :)

Ninotchka said...

Boots are fantastic aren't they...trouble is I like the sunshine. Go the Maxi dress and jandals I say! Great idea about the kids clothes challenge - I've signed up, why don't we get a NZ contingent together?