Monday, September 20, 2010

A room to call my own

It's done! I finally have a room of my own.  That is when I can keep the monkeys out.  L has already been in unthreaded the sewing machine and changed all the tensions on the over locker. grrrrrr!
This is it

The bed will be going once L is out of is cot and I will have even more room.  Hooray!

My favourite wall

The Fabric (most of it anyway)

You know what I discovered when I moved fabric from the various places it was stored previously to one place?  I have too much.  So I have promised myself NO MORE until I have used/given away a good portion of this up.  I mean look at that pile of pink.  I do not wear pink.  I do not have a girl. So why do I have so much of it? 

And what kind of craft room is complete without boxes of goodies.  Actually they are mostly full of scraps and projects I started ages ago and never completed.  Hmmm perhaps its time to get onto those.

I am now ready to start the Kids Clothes Week Challange